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UHT Eggs Fairy - High Hatch Rate - (Small Bottle)

by UHT
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Have you ever seen or owned your own set of "Sea Monkeys"?

Well, our UHT Eggs Fairy is a somewhat similar product as our childhood novelty toy. 
However, unlike the Sea Monkeys, our Fairy shrimps are not hybrid creations and are hatched as a highly nutritious feed for fishes and their fries. 

It is easy to work with, and you only hatch what you need unlike buying a whole bag of them only to have wasted a large portion after a few days. 

So these are what would you need.

  • Aquarium or Marine salt (these shrimps are saltwater crustaceans),
  • Epsom salt to raise water hardness (optional),
  • a small lamp for attracting the shrimps together making it easier to harvest,
  • an air pump and an air stone,
  • a container to act as the hatchery,
  • and lastly a pipette for harvesting and feeding your fries.

So yes. 
Convenient, user friendly, a nutritious live feed, constant supply of food for your fries, and since you self hatch them you can be sure that the water is clean!
What can be greater then that!


Directions For Use:
Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use.
Always keep refrigerated.