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UHT Fairy Shrimp - 75g (Bottled)

by UHT
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Fairy shrimps are a member in the class Branchiopoda, along side the clam shrimp, Diplostraca (or Cladocera), Notostraca and the Devonian Lepidocaris.

They live in shallow/dried pools (seasonal depressional wetlands) and hypersaline lakes across the world and have even been found in deserts, ice-covered mountain lakes and Antartic ice.

Their drought-resistant eggs are collected from lakeshores and are stored and transported dry. They hatch readily when submerged in salt water.

A study done on the fairy shrimp (Streptocephalus dichotomus) as feed for ornamental fishes revealed growth performance to be similar when fed with Artemia(Brine Shrimp)

Analysis of the carotenoids showed the presence of astaxanthin, canthaxanthin and β-carotene. 

In addition, the fatty acid and amino acid compositions of carcasses of fish fed with Fairy Shrimps revealed efficient nutrition consumption.
Energy budget analysis of fish fed on with fairy shrimp, revealed that about 99.6% of the consumed feed was assimilated with a conversion ratio of 1.59,
similar to Artemia (99.4% assimilated with a conversion ratio of 1.44).

The presence of carotenoids, high energy content and optimal nutritional value offers the advantages of Fairy Shrimp as live feed in freshwater aquaculture.
As such Fairy Shrimps are used as food for fish and other organisms in aquaria and aquaculture.


Directions For Use:
Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use.
Always keep refrigerated.