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UNS Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank

by UNS
Original price $40.00 - Original price $1,960.00
Original price
$40.00 - $1,960.00
Current price $91.00

**Pre Order Only (around 3 - 5 working days)

Taking a modern and minimalist approach, these rimless tanks Ultum Nature Systems are crafted with precision from 91% clarity Diamant glass and high-grade German silicone glue. Special care is taken to blend the panels of glass seamlessly with 45° mitered edges resulting in beautiful aesthetic and unlimited room for depth and creativity – an aquascaper’s dream. 

They are the perfect size for desktops, nightstands, and console tables since they do not require a lot of space. This new shallow series of tanks from Ultum Nature Systems offers a unique lower profile with the same depth as the Standard offerings. The lower profile allows for a much more dynamic aquascape layout. They are best suited for Betta fish, smaller nano schooling fish, and shrimp. Clean and sleek, the vibrant colors of the natural world held inside will come to life. No matter how small or big, these multi-sized tanks are the perfect way to introduce a unique nature aquarium into your space.

45° Mitered Edges
91% Clarity with Diamant Glass
High-Quality German Silicon

  •  4 Sizes to choose from
  • More depth than other rimless glass aquarium
  • Common fauna choices are large schools of nano fish, smaller Cichlids, Gouramis, Angel Fish, Discus and other medium sized tank inhabitants

Black Leveling Mat