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UP Aqua - CO2 Aluminum Cylinder (Normal - A-136/158/143) - (1/2/3L)

by UP Aqua
Original price $122.50 - Original price $199.00
Original price
$122.50 - $199.00
Current price $122.50

Complete Co2 System (Aluminium Cylinder)

- w/ A-158
- Or w/ A-143

*** Cylinder comes with Full Tank Co2 ***

***Check out our complete guide to the Co2 System set up.


***Advantages of purchasing through us***
The advantage of buying the Co2 System from us is that you can simply bring your empty Co2 cylinder (with the regulator attached) to our store. We can do an instant refill for you by exchanging your empty cylinder with a full cylinder with your regulator re-assembled. This will not only spare you from the agony of any dismantling and re-assembling but also reduce the chance of any Co2 leakages.

2 Liter Cylinder : 12cm diameter x 35cm height

3 Liter Cylinder : 12cm diameter x 48cm height