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UP AQUA CA-AR-001-W Silent Air Pump (white)

by UP Aqua

Product Specification: 

  • Voltage : AC110V/60Hz / AC220V/50Hz
  • Walt : 1.5W
  • Pressure : 12±10% Kpa
  • Flow : 18.6±10% L/H
  • Noise : ≦33dB(A)
  • Suitable for water depth : 60cm below

Product Feature:
1. Super mini, super silence, long life.
2. Use with air stone together to increase Oxygen in the water.
3. Use with with pneumatic decorations together to increase
good view in the tank.
4. Using new Piezo technology

Unlike traditional aquarium pumps, the Nano Piezo air pumps have no rotating parts and no motor. The drive is made by a ceramic plate, which is caused to oscillate by electric current. When an alternating current is applied to the plate, the piezoelectric ceramic plate expands and contracts again in the absence of the pulse, the repetition of this cycle producing the pumping action.