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UP AQUA E-009 Activated Carbon with bag (250g)

by UP Aqua

The UP Activated Carbon is made use of selection non-carbonic material. It's particle size carbon consisted of high density, extensive surface and is resistance to wearing and liquid pressure etc. It can use for the absorbing of poisonous materials & organic pollution such as benzene, toluene(methylbenzene), phenol, DDT(Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane), (PCB) polychlorobiphenyl, tints of acid dyes etc. For depigmentation, deodorization and to absorb survived chlorine & medication to keep Aquarium clean & clear. 


  • Particle Size:12 x 30 mesh
  • Ball-pan hardness:≧92%
  • Moisture as packed:≦3%
  • Ash:≦13%
  • Iodine Number:≧900 mg/g
  • Bulk density:500g/g
  • pH value:7~9