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UP Aqua E-630-950-S Red Parrot Food (floating) 950g

by UP Aqua
SKU UPE630950S
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It is specially developed and manufactured to meet the color needs of blood parrot fish. It can not only increase the luster and luster of the fish's body, but also has good palatability, balanced nutrition, and improves immunity. It is the best choice for feeding all tropical fish.


Product description : 

  • Product specifications: E-630-950-S*950ml / E-630-950-L*950ml
  • Particle size: E-630-950-S: about 1MM / E-630-950-L: about 2MM
  • Instructions for use: Feed 2-3 times a day, and the amount should be eaten within a few minutes.
  • Main raw materials: fish meal, shrimp meal, vegetable protein, germ, wheat flour, yeast, fish oil, cod liver powder, egg powder, lecithin, natural color-enhancing ingredients, vitamins, minerals...etc.