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UP Aqua PRO-LED-N Led lamp

by UP Aqua
Original price $16.70 - Original price $17.50
Original price
$16.70 - $17.50
Current price $16.70


1. Beautiful appearance. Fashionable. Suitable for all kinds of fish tanks (applicable to both fresh water and sea water).
2. Using safety certified components, the lamps have passed CNS certification.
3. The lamp set adopts a water-repellent design to protect LED components.
4. Low power consumption and high luminous efficiency, which can save electricity.
5. Extremely modern, simple design, high-quality processing, elegant and minimalist.
6. LED cold light source does not generate heat and will not increase the temperature of the fish tank, making it easy to maintain ecology.
7. Fashionable design, simple installation, can be easily installed on the fish tank. The lamp holder can be twisted up, down, left, and right, making it beautiful and practical.
8. Comes with a three-color side lock plate, which allows you to easily change the color of the lamp to make the fish tank more beautiful.


Product specifications (PRO-LED-N17):

  • Power: 2.8W
  • LED Lamp quantity: 0.5WX 5pcs
  • Luminous intensity: 40lm / 1pcs
  • input power input: AC 110V / 60Hz
  • Lampshade size: 17x3.2x0.8cm
  • Bend pipe height: 12cm

Product specifications (PRO-LED-N25):

  • Power: 3.3W
  • Bulb quantity: 0.5WX 6pcs
  • Luminous intensity: 40lm / 1pcs
  • Voltage: AC 110V / 60Hz
  • Safety model: LI-80-6-B-4
  • Shell IP rating: IP22