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UP AQUA Siphon Cleaner

by UP Aqua
SKU upd626
  • When maintaining the fish tank and changing the water, clean the bottom sand at the same time, so there is no need to effortlessly remove the sand from the fish tank for cleaning.
  • The exclusive multi-functional water volume control collar can accurately control the pumped water flow without sucking out the bottom sand. The bottom sand can be cleaned and water changed in both large and mini tanks.
  • Precisely controlled water output thoroughly cleans the bottom sand of the aquatic plant tank without sucking out the delicate foreground grass or damaging the tender leaves.
  • You can replace the old and ineffective residual aquatic grass base fertilizer at the same time as changing the water to prevent algae growth.
  • The sewage suction bucket can be shortened or strengthened to achieve the best sand washing effect.