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UP AQUA D-631 Powered Breeding Box

by UP Aqua
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Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 14 cm


  • 3-in-1 external cylinder ,
  • 2-in-1 internal cylinder

Product description:

1. Use a power filtration system to circulate water, filter impurities, cultivate nitrifying bacteria, and increase oxygen content. To provide the best ecological environment and allow fish to have a comfortable nest.
2. Through power operation, fresh water flow is allowed to enter, generating sufficient oxygen, providing a high-quality environment for the mother fish waiting to give birth, and increasing the fertility rate.
3. A W-shaped isolation seat is included to allow the newborn fish to enter the bottom layer to avoid being eaten by the frightened female fish.
4. Take out the isolation piece to create a large space breeding box.



1. Injured or aggressive fish can be placed in the breeding box to avoid casualties.
2. You can put the newly purchased fish into the box, observe it for a week (to adapt to the new environment), and then put it into the fish tank.
3. Can be used as an isolation treatment room for fish diseases.
4. You can raise small fish, shrimps, turtles, etc. to achieve the pleasure of raising a tank in the tank.