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UP AQUA D-805 PH Monitor

by UP Aqua
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1. Adopts a large LED display screen monitor, which is professional-grade and highly accurate.
2. Keep abreast of the pH value in the aquarium and grasp the water quality conditions and changes. It is an indispensable monitoring tool for fish and shrimp farming.
3. Using the most cutting-edge microcomputer design, it has excellent sensitivity, accuracy and stability.
4. It can facilitate long-term observation of values, and the push-button operation setting is simple and convenient.
5. It can calibrate the value to 7.0 to achieve the most accurate calibration.
6. The shape is carefully designed, beautiful, compact and practical, and can be easily fixed or hung on the fish tank.


Why should we know pH range ?

pH value shows the acid or alkaline state of water ( pH value equals 7 is neutral, it is alkaline as pH value is greater than 7, and acid as pH value is less than 7 ), most of the fish can adapt to live in water around pH=7

But many species have special water preferences such as :

Species of pH < 7 : Discus, Amazon cardinals, preferences for pH=6.0 to 6.5

Species of pH > 7 : Marine fish preferences for pH = 8.4 and African cichlids preferences for 7.5 to 8.0. The right pH ranges keep the fish right !