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UP AQUA Hang on filter SF-120 / SF-230 / SF-500

by UP Aqua
The best filtration efficiency ensures transparent and clear water quality. It has physical, chemical and biological filtration effects at the same time, effectively filtering out impurities and microbial decomposition. The flow regulating valve can adjust the water flow at will to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen to meet biological needs. Using an ultra-quiet underwater wing motor, the operation is quiet and silent, and the transparent filter box can be easily observed and maintained.


Product Description:

  • Innovative external underwater motor ultra-quiet operation design to reduce noise
  • Three-stage filtration effect, filtration has both physical and chemical properties
  • The flow control valve can freely adjust the water output according to the needs of the aquarium.
  • Special activated carbon and filter cotton extraction clips can produce nitrifying bacteria and eliminate odors and residual drugs in the water
  • High-quality pump has long life, saves electricity, and has automatic start function
  • Fresh water and sea water dual use
  • Energy saving products
  • It will run automatically after a power outage and there is no need to fill it with water again.


  • The best efficiency in filtration to keep crystal-clear water
  • Combine the mechanical, the chemical and the biological filter media together in order to filter impurities, remove color, odors and decompose organisms by microbe.
  • Adjustable flow valve to adjust flow and dissolved oxygen for creature growing
  • Super silent submersible motor with wheel and easy to maintain, see through filtering box for easy observation