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UP AQUA E-438 Detoxifying Live Bacteria Enzyme (1box)

by UP Aqua
  • Detoxifying live bacteria enzyme contains more than ten kinds of powerful active aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and decomposing enzymes. When added to water, it reacts immediately to remove fish excrement and excess pollutants, such as: ammonia, nitrite, nitric acid, phosphate, etc. , completely decomposed, keeping the water quality clear and clear.
  • Can replace nitrifying bacteria to treat water quality hazards (eg: improper cleaning and replacement of filter media, overfeeding, etc.).
  • Routine addition every week can extend the water change time for a long time.


Product specifications:

  • E-438-S: 2.2g x 12 packs/box



1. (Detoxifying live bacteria enzyme) can treat 50 liters of water per 1g, just sprinkle it evenly into the water for use.

2. When there is high water pollution or when cleaning and replacing filter cotton, please double the use for better results. 3. Please keep in a cool place, not edible, and keep out of reach of children.