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Wakin Goldfish ( 3 inches)

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Goldfish is a favorite fish for many. How many of us didn't keep them at one time or another? They are usually very hardy fish and it is important to note that this fish has an extremely long lifespan if cared for properly, so getting one can become a long term commitment! Many varieties of this fish are available with many different markings, fancy goldfish varieties and colors including gold, orange, white and black. 


Common Name Black Moor, Lionhead, Ranchu, Oranda, Ryukin, Panda, etc. 
Scientific Name Carassius auratus
Care Level Easy - Moderate depending on variety
Maximum Size Usually 8 - 13 cm, but can be bigger
pH 6 - 7.5
Temperature 5°C - 27°C
Life Span 10 - 30 years and often longer
Behaviour Very peaceful
Tank Region All over the tank
Gender Males may have small white spots called tubercles around their gill areas when ready to spawn. Females may be noticeably larger when swelling with eggs and the males may start to chase the females around the tank.

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1. Set live stock aside with transportation bag in room temperature place for 30 minutes.
2. Then transfer bag to float in aquarium for another 30 minutes
3. Use a fish net to transfer the live stock by scooping it from the bag into the tank.

NOTE: Do not release live stocks together with the transportation water into tank.