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Week Aqua - Light Shades (L/M/P/Z - Series)

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Light shades are perfect for reducing or preventing the aquarium's light bar from directly illuminating other parts of the room. This is great for bringing attention to the aquarium especially if it is meant to be the center piece of a room.  

Another important benefit of light shades is that it brings comfort to the viewer. As the shades' placement angle blocks the LEDs from shining directly into one's face and thus removing discomfort from the glare of the LEDs on your eyes.


Light shades and lengths for the following series:

  • L & M - Series
    • 30cm / 45cm / 60cm / 90cm / 120cm

  • P - Series
    • 60cm / 90cm / 120cm

  • Z200 Pro - Series
    • One length only

  • Z400 Pro - Series
    • One length only
  • A430 Pro - Series
    • One length only


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