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Week Aqua T-90 PRO RGB + UV Full Spectrum Pendant Spotlight

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WeekAqua T90 Pro RGB + UV Full Spectrum Pendant Spotlight / Lamp


  • Suitable for freshwater tanks, especially narrow and shallow tanks
  • RGB + UV Full spectrum lighting
  • Excellent at recreating a wide range of aquatic effects
  • Really brings out the colour of the hardscape and fishes
  • Supports growth of vibrant colours in aquatic plants

Lighting Control Functions,

  • Connect via Bluetooth, and control via APP
  • 6 Recommended preset modes Green, Red, Mixed, Gorgeous, Colourful, N-Pharm
  • Supports custom settings
  • Sunrise & Sunset Modes
  • Timer settings (Selectable ramp times to imitate gradual sunrise and sunset)
  • Multi segmented timing of 8 groups, and up to 24 hours daily
  • Turns the light on/off


  • 90 degrees wide angle condenser lens
  • Thicker aluminum alloy casing for durability and protection
  • Cooled via efficient yet quiet fans
  • Cold forged radiator for quicker heat dissipation 
  • Anodised surface for a premium and longer lasting finishing
  • Ventilation gaps at the top aided by a silent fan

Lamp Specifications,

Net Weight :  2.2kg
LED Qty 100 + 10 
Light Temperature : 9,000 - 12,000 Kelvins
Power rating : 90W
Lamp Dimensions : 

  • Height : 145mm
  • Diameter : 140mm


***Above illustration shows the recommended number of lamps for various tank sizes. 

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Automatically searches for devices,
Bluetooth connection, instant synchronization of mobile phone data.

Includes Language selection,
Automatic recognition according to the language of the mobile phone system, APP supports the Chinese and English language.

Mode Settings,
Includes advanced settings.
Freely classify different styles of equipment with a well laid our display page.


Please note:

Lamps / Lights with 24V working voltage do not support the Bluetooth Modules 3.0 firmware upgrades . Only APP 3.0 upgrade is supported.


Individual drivers are more stable and safer
Week Aqua T-90 PRO adaptor / driver plugs confirm to GB / USA / EU / UK and Australian standards.