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ZETLIGHT F8 Biotope LED Light 96W (Freshwater) ( WIFI Bluetooth App Control )


ZETLIGHT F8 Biotope LED Light 96W (Freshwater)

ZETLIGHT F8 Biotope LED Light is an LED line for aquariums and corals with 14 different lighting modes. Unique shape design like a flying saucer, super thin and light, leaving the thickness of other traditional lights.

1 lamp can be used for a length of 120cm or less and a tank with a width of 30-60cm. 14 different color modes for 14 tank styles.


  • The UFO F8 PRO lampstand is made of anti-corrosion and sturdy alloy. 
  • The protective heatsink system increases four times with an intelligent temperature sensor system and a good heat dissipation system to keep the lamp cool (When the lamp reaches a certain temperature. Newly activated radiator fan).
  • Optical lenses are made to optimize lighting surfaces and blend WRGB colors of LEDs.  The UFO F8 PRO Zetlight is cleverly designed with good water resistance certified IPX4.
  • The device is controlled via the HORIZON AQUA smart app, easily adjusting the light arbitrarily according to the arbitrary time frame and simulating real-life light.
  • With the WRGB chip, the light emitted to the tank will highlight each color separately in the tank without affecting the water color. 


  • Power: 96W

  • Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Controllable using Horizon Aqua APP (WIFI)
  • 90 degree angle
  • Integrated Shading
  • Smart Cooling fan
  • Clip on design

*The lamp does not include the mount*