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There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.
There will be delay in your delivery date due to high volume of delivery.

ZETLIGHT Horizon Shieldo Lamp 144W (Black)

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This modern and stylish LED light unit offers maximum customizability, penetration and coverage for the coral reef aquarium.

Full Spectrum Lighting with optimal penetration and coverage:

  • Simulate dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and night time by adjusting the brightness and intensity of each color light to simulate the exact spectrum and wavelength you desire.
  • Total Lumens: 8800 LM (Suitable for coral reef aquariums).
  • Contain semi ball shaped LED clusters which creates and optical lens effect - greatly improving penetration and coverage of light.
  • Features a wide spectrum design which greatly enhances coral growth rate.
  • Contains professionally mixed LED color configurations to suit both shallow and deep water corals.
  • Specialist moonlight panels simulates the way moonlight diffuses and reflects upon the water surface at night.
  • Features world class Bridgelux LED's and chip.
  • Simulate natural weather conditions such as clouds moving across the sky or lightening storms.
  • Easily test your installed settings by running demo mode - which will simulate your entire day's settings in a few minutes.

Unique Design:

  • Sleek modernist design.
  • The LED bulbs are housed behind a super transparent toughened glass panel which lets the maximum amount of light through, prevents humidity and is easy to clean.
  • All power sources and connections are water proof.
  • Modular design - connect many of these light units together on one controller without interference.

Advanced Cooling Function:

This unit houses a powerful yet quiet fan with sensors which automatically regulates the temperature of the light unit, helps prevent rusting and prolongs its lifespan. The unit also features a black aluminum radiator which assists in cooling the unit.

Flexible Brackets:

The unit features extendable and elevatable brackets to adjust the lenght and height of the light to suit different aquarium setups.

Wireless Control:

Control the entire unit via the wireless remote control (included).