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Choosing the Right Fish Tank for your Home

Choosing the Right Fish Tank for your Home

Choosing the right fish tank for your home can be quite daunting. Not only do you have to match the size of your fish tank to the amount of space you have at home, you’ll also need to ensure that it is the best sized fish tank for your livestock. For example, a 2-feet fish tank will not be able to house large predatory species such as a Giant Snakehead or an Alligator Gar, and conversely a 6-feet fish tank is deemed to be an overkill when you just have a school of 30 Cardinal Tetras or an assortment of nine Ranchus, Orandas, and Ryukins, thus how big should a fish tank be is an important consideration. Additionally, you’ll also have to consider what kind of fish tank you would like to have, as the requirements of a freshwater fish tank differs from that of a marine one. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which fish tank to buy:

Location and Placement

Now, where would it be a good place to locate your new fish tank? Ideally it should be away from the window as too much sunlight causes algae bloom, and near a water source such as the toilet or the kitchen sink to facilitate easy water change. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure your water hose is long enough to reach your fish tank. Aesthetics is also another consideration when deciding where to place your fish tank. A beautifully set up 3-feet freshwater planted fish tank or a 6-feet fish tank with a Crossback Gold Arowana swimming regally should be the centre piece of your living room, and it will spark off some interesting conversations during a party or dinner engagement at home. However, do bear in mind that the bigger the fish tank, the more weight it will have as you’ll have to factor in the water, the substrate and decorations if any, and the weight of the fish tank plus its stand or cabinet. Be mindful of where you intend to put your fish tank and make sure you have considered all the factors before buying a fish tank and starting this exciting hobby of fishkeeping.

What Type of Fish Tank?

After deciding on the best size fish tank to get for your home as well as where to place it, there are a few more decisions to make. First, you’ll have to decide on whether you would like to have a freshwater fish tank or a marine one. It’s true that marine fish species such as the Mandarin Goby are generally more colourful as compared to their freshwater cousins but do note that freshwater fish tanks are more affordable and easier to set up and maintain than marine fish tanks. For someone who has just embarked on this hobby of fishkeeping, we highly recommend getting a freshwater fish tank, as it requires lesser maintenance and specialised equipment. One other thing that you’ll need to decide on is the material of the fish tank, glass or acrylic. Acrylic fish tanks come in a wider variety of shapes due to their malleability when heated, while glass fish tanks are more resistant to scratches.

Choosing Fish Tank Equipment & Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen the right fish tank for your home, you’ll need to get the right equipment and accessories. One necessary accessory is a fish tank stand or cabinet, as such stands or cabinets are designed and manufactured to withstand the weight of the fish tank and its contents. Choose a stand or cabinet that will suit the theme of your home. Additionally, you’ll need a fish tank lighting system, a filtration system (internal, hang-on back, overhead, cannister), fish net, cleaning equipment, water change equipment, and more. Should you be having a freshwater planted fish tank or a marine fish tank, there are other more specialised equipment and accessories to consider.  

Enjoy Your New Fish Tank

The guidelines listed may sound strict and overly detailed, but here at East Ocean Aquatic, our aim is to save you from the hassle and heartbreak of losing your precious livestock or having to give up on the hobby of fish keeping. Mistakes do happen, but this is where our blog articles come in useful as we endeavour to educate our readers so that they can avoid such errors. Fish keeping as a hobby is very rewarding and having a beautiful fish tank and its interesting inhabitants at home is worth it. So, keep on learning, and never give up!

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