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JBL NovoTab: A game changer?

JBL NovoTab: A game changer?

Finding the most suitable food for your planted aquarium fish sometimes can be tricky. That’s why there are so many types of fish foods in the market. All have pros and cons. Flakes, easy to feed both big and small fish, but it’s quite messy though. Pellets, accepted by most of the fish but fast and strong fish would grab them first. Sinking tablets, preferable for those bottom-dwelling fish. Live or frozen foods, tasty but can trigger parasites or algae problems.

JBL NovoTab Fish Food

When I found JBL NovoTab, I knew that this is the game changer. Other than the completion and quality of nutrients that committed by JBL, there are other good points about JBL NovoTab that make me always keep those tabs as the main diet for my tropical fish in my planted tanks. 

Suitable for all kind of fish in planted tanks

Most of our hobbyists try to figure out how to give a fair share to all the fish in a community tank. Fast fish like Congo tetras or Rummynose tetras would get all the pellets or frozen bloodworms or any fish foods you put in the tank before the slower fish like guppies or gouramis can even touch the meal. Not to mention those bottom dwelling fish like Corydoras, they can the feeding. With JBL NovoTab, the tab is big enough to prevent those fast and furious fish to snatch it from other fish. Moreover, the tab is also suitable for fish at all water layers, either on the top, middle or bottom dwelling type as it can be sticked on the glass wall or sinking down to the tank bottom according to your preferences. All fish in the tank will have their share of food, regardless of their size or speed. 

Fish chased after JBL NovoTab that sunk down to the tank bottom

Corydoras and shrimps enjoyed the treat

How’s about my shy fish?

When the new fish is first introduced in the tank, they are normally quite shy and not joining the feeding straight away. By seeing other existing fish munching happily on the tab, those shy fish will join the crowd naturally and blend into the community.   

No mess, clear water

JBL NovoTab is compressed tightly with many layers of flakes and once put in water, it will soften slowly for the fish to munch on. They will enjoy the tab, piece by piece, without making a mess. No water clouding, no left-over fish food. 😊

JBL NovoTab sticked on glass wall, neat and clean

Enjoy the feeding times

 My tip is to stick the tab onto your tank glass wall! Personally, I think this is the most enjoyable feature from JBL NovoTab. And the feeding frenzy starts! I always enjoy those moment watching my fish pet munching onto the tab every single day during feeding time. It’s the time for me to admire the beauty of fish, to do the headcount and to check on fish health as well. I bet you will enjoy it, too!  

Enjoyable moment of feeding fish using JBL NovoTab

Oh, my tips on fish food preservation

Use a small cosmetic travelling jar to store fish food for daily use. The original bottle can be kept in the freezer compartment and only take it out to top up the small jar. By doing so, the fish food can be kept fresh for longer time.  

JBL NovoTab is stored in small cosmetic travelling jar for daily use

Fish foods preserved in freezer compartment

Author : Jacky Chun

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