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Solving a customer pond problem (part 1) - East Ocean Aquatic

Solving a customer pond problem (part 1)

Recently, we went to a customer house to help with their ponds problem.

They were facing problems like algae, fish dying and cloudy and smelly water in their pond.

While checking on the pond we see that their water was green (cause by algae), pebbles were covered with slug and algae, water was still, water was smelly as dead fishes are left in the pond.

And we found the cause for the problem in their pond. They were using a canister filter system with low water flow rate.

We suggested them to change to a better filtration system that can provide them with good water flow rate and UV-C system to eliminate algae to improve their water quality in order to keep fishes.

We changed their filtration system to Jebao CF20 Pond Filter(with UV) with Jebao FM8000 eco water pump.

On the left is the Jebao CF20 Pond Filter (with UV) with Jebao FM8000 eco water pump. On the right is the canister filter that were used before

Jebao CF Filters comes with filter materials that help to remove dirt both physically and biologically, keeping your pond clean and crystal clear

Built in UV-C filtration helps eliminate harmful bacteria and algae outbreak.

Feature a backwash cleaning function that can completely remove the dirt on the entire surface of the filters. Backwash cleaning can easily be done in a few minutes without opening the lid. This feature ensures that the filter performs at optimal levels for many days and prolongs the time between cleaning of filter

There is a clogging indicator that allows you to know when to backwash or clean the filter.

We use Jebao FM8000 eco water pump as it save more than 50% energy (electricity) compare to a normal water pump.

Picture after we installed the filter. Water circulation is much better now.

As the pond water was smelly due to dead fishes, algae and slug. We decided to add in Green Cut algae removal and EIHO Activate carbon to purify the water making it safe for fishes to live in. (Of course, we remove the dead fishes in the pond first)

Green Cut Powder Algae removal is used to remove and clear the algae in the water. It is safe for all species of fish

EIHO Activated carbon is used to remove smell and purifies the water, keeping water crystal clear.

It takes time to purify the water in the pond, we will leave it with this first.

We are going back next week to check out on the pond and hopefully we will be able to add fishes into the pond.

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