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30cm Beginner Tank Setup

30cm Beginner Tank Setup


Setting up

Step 1: Put in the Aquarium soil (Jun Platinum Soil

We choose to use aquarium soil as we are planning to add lots of plants into the aquarium. Aquarium Soil provide nutrient for plants to take in easily to grow healthily  

We add 2 Liter of soil to give a 3cm – 5cm from  front to back slope. This thickness allow plants to be planted securely on the floor bed, so fishes or other invertebrate will not pull the plants out easily

Step 2: we will add in decoration
We place a root like ornament and place it on the left side. 

We also added some small Lava pebbles to cover more spaces on the right side.

After we are done with the hard-scaping. We recommend adding water into the tank and running the filter for 2 days before adding plants. This will help to increase the survival rate of your plants.

After 2 days, we will drain the water out and start planting.

We start with the biggest plant in the aquarium so we know how much space there is left to put the other plants.
Plant : Anubias nana on rock

We added stem plants only at the back left corner to create an imaginable triangle. From the highest left to the lowest right. 

Plant : Nesaea pedicellata golden

Any Stem will be okay as mostly are easy to grow. we used bright green leaf to create contrast as the ornament/ decoration are dark color. 

Now we start to add some plants in the middle. We do not need many plants in the middle as too many will make the tank look messy so add cautiously.

Plant : Juncus Repens

We use this plant as it is very easy to grow and they do not spread/ run to other area that you do not want. Causing higher maintenance when trimming.

Lastly we finish the planting with foreground plants to cover up the bare soil.  

Plant : Marsilea Crenata  

 This plant does not need as much CO2 as the other foreground plants, so you may want to consider this plant for your non CO2 plant aquarium.

After we finish planting, we will add in water, water conditioner and beneficial bacteria

3 days after setup and running of the filter, we added 8 endler guppies into the aquarium.

Maintenance : 

Maintenance Level Easy
Time Spent to Maintain 15 - 30min every week
Water Change 50% once every week
Filter Wash once every week
Plant Trimming Once every month
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