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Biorb Guide - Buying and Maintaining a Biorb - East Ocean Aquatic

Biorb Guide - Buying and Maintaining a Biorb


There are 6 design to biOrb tank where you can choose from and all tanks come different sizes

The 6 design and sizes are

Classic – come in 15litre30litre60litre and 105litre
Halo – come in 15litre30litre
Tube – come in 15litre30litre35litre
Life – come in 15litre30litre45litre, 60litre
Flow – come in 15litre30litre
Cube – come in 30litre60litre

Click HERE for a full biOrb Tank product list
Learn more about biOrb Aquarium HERE 

Which design or size should i choose.

The design is for you to choose. After you got the design, go for the biggest tank you can place at the location you wanted. More water means better water quality and more space for your fish.

Location for your Biorb Tank

  1. Avoid location that has direct sunlight as that will promote algae
  2. Provide a strong base to support the tank


Technically, the Biorb Tank comes with everything you needed to set up a tank. Other than decorations, you do not need to get anything else but we will cover that later in this article.

Video below shows you how to setup your biorb tank.



Biorb have a large range of decoration and ornaments that you can choose from. Biorb also have many design example that you can references from or copy.

You can find all biOrb decoration HERE 


We recommend only introduce fish and invertebrates 3 days after you have setup the biorb tank. This will lower the risk of fish dying easily.

We recommend keeping small fish

Type of fish

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra are good beginner fish, they have high
survivability, they have great colors and schools
together when you have 5 of more.

1 pcs per 2 litre of water

Betta Fish

AKA Fighting fish, they have high survivability and have is the most colourful fish you can have for your biorb

1 pcs in a biorb as they fight among themselves, you are able to keep with other fish

Honey Guorami

Come in Yellow color. Guorami are friendly, making
a pleasant addition to your biorb

1pcs for every 3 litre

StarLight Pleco

A friendly and hardworking cleaner, They clean up algae in your biorb. A must have.

1pcs for every 15litre


Goldfish are good beginner fish, high survivability.
However challenging to coexist with other fish.

1pcs for every 15litre (5-7cm size)

Mollies fish

Come in many different color and variety. Friendly and help eat algae and keep the tank clean.

1pcs for every 3 litre


Now, to the maintenance part.


We recommend getting the below items for healthier fish and cleaner aquarium.

Water conditioner (Chlorine removal)

  • You need to add this during every water change to remove chlorine in the tap water as chlorine is harmful and will kill all the living things in the tank.

JBL Biotopol 

Beneficial Bacteria

  • We highly recommend adding beneficial bacteria as it helps to keep the water clean by breaking down waste naturally. This prevents nuisance algae or toxic from growing, keeping the fish safe and healthy.

 Aquaforest Bio S.  (Add 1 drop every time)

Water changing device

  • This will help you to change water easily


Daily - Add Beneficial Bacteria everyday for 1st month (3 times a week after 1st month)

Once a week  -  30% water change

Once a month - Change the filter. There are 2 ways of doing it.
1. Easiest way - Change the whole filter cartridge

2. The cheaper way - Change the carbon in the filter cartridge and wash the filter sponge with aquarium water

(This product have volume of about 10 - 20 times changes)

Half a year (optional) - take the ceramic media out and wash it with aquarium water


Only feed the amount of food your fish can finish in 1 minute. Do not put all the food at one go. Split into 3 portion and feed only when 1 portions is finished. This will prevent leftover food sinking into the bottom. Remove any leftover food.


Light up aquarium for not more than 8 hours per day and do not place aquarium near sunlight as that will promote algae growth.
Do not switch on white colour if you would like to switch on for longer duration.

We also have a Concept Shop in Singapore where we have all the tank design and all the ornaments in stock. you can always come by to see and hand on for your tank

Our Address is 
Blk 22 Havelock Road, #01-699, s160022

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